Tantra & Tantric Sex: pleasure, bliss, health


What is Tantra?  How can Tantra help me? Does Tantra work  Yes, yes and yes!!!

If you are interested in Tantra and Tantric Sex this is the place to be for down to earth talk. Tibetan Tantra is a part of Buddhist tradition that uses the elemental chakras of water, air, spirit, earth and fire.  Plus we use the Tara meditations for increased healing. It is both spiritual, and earthy at the same time.

Tibetan Chakra System

Tantra is a combination of rituals that use sex energy, to bring more energy to the body for full body orgasms and for better health and better sex.  Tantra uses Tantric mediations, Tantric breath work, massage, Tantric touch, and intimacy exercises to increase sexual energy.    

Tantra isn’t a complicated practice.

Tantra is simple, it works, and produces great sex with full body orgasms. 

Tantra can naturally cure common sexual issues of:



-inability to orgasm and lack of intensity

-heal trauma associated with sex and the accompanying numbness or hyper sexuality. 

-heal the body from past trauma from illness or addiction

-calm the mind and improve issues with ADHD

-help heal PTSD 

-is sex positive and eliminates shame and guilt

Tantric Massage. Tantric Sex, Tibetan Healing Meditation not only increase pleasure, they heal.  I practice Tantric massage and not to brag, but I have been told I have magic hands.  I enjoy the one on one contact and connection.  I also however, teach Tantra as a certified Tantra teacher and an actual college educated teacher.  I have only had positive responses from my courses and I give you more than 100%.  Tantra is a wonderful addition to any lifestyle, any religion, or no religion.  My  education site is located at http://www.21daytantra.co/, but you can order my course in the store section on this site. 

Tantra improves your life.  Tantric sex improves your partnership by turning your partner into your soulmate.   

Contact me at jill@breathofbliss.com or 208-705-8854.


13 Responses to Tantra & Tantric Sex: pleasure, bliss, health

  1. Shane says:

    I need to be happy and act out all my fantisies on one women , but I can’t be happy with just one girl. I’m a perve and I like everything but I can’t seem to find a girl that does so I just keep looking . I use a girl and play with her tell her limits are reached and just move on to the next one . I’m tired of breaking there hearts and only using girls for sex . What do I need to do

  2. Rudy says:

    I enjoy reading a post that can make men and women think.
    Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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  3. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Susan durham says:

    A friend of mine mentioned a workshop u r offering in october. Is it the sam as the one u r offering in august? I want to learn how to use breath to channel energy in healing ways for myself and others..the sexual component is secondary to me..can u please let me know what ur future seminars will offer? Mahalo

    • Yes, I am trying to get one organized . It will be on the Tibetan Elemental Chakra and corresponding the mediations and visualizations that channel that energy. And also Ocean Breath, Color breathing and how to use them sexually and non sexually to channel healing energy. I also teach Breath of Fire and Kundalini mediations.

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    • There are many Christian chat rooms for all denominations. I am not trying to take away from that. I am offering help to couples and singles that want to improve their relationship with their sexuality. Many Christiana have issues in the bedroom in regards to guilt and repression and often trauma.

  6. mikki says:

    i want to learn more and do you have a school for workshop?

    • Hello, I don’t do workshops. However, I do have a good online education program where you can certify or use it for
      you own personal benefit. You skype with me and do a lesson a day or at least twice a week. The details are in the Store.

  7. mikki says:

    i want to learn more and do you have a school for workshop?

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