doggy It was my goal to blog today and I procrastinated, because that is how I am. Then I decided I would just say something, anything.

I want to expand on this tomorrow, but I want to write about shame.  It is so internalized, it is so pervasive in our society that is harmful. Many of my friends do not have sex any longer because they feel shame about their bodies or things do not  happen as quickly as they once did, and I can only say thank God for that.   However, many people are used to drunk or hurried sex that is fueled by emotions that are not healthy.  We aren’t taught to relax into our bodies and enjoy the healing power of touch and sex and orgasms.  As our society becomes more sexualized we are actually having less sex and less good sex and not very much spectacular call home to mom sex. 

Shame still is there imbedded in our minds our society on our Facebook pages and I am over it and tomorrow I will continue this blog, but I at least began the journey. jill