Sexual Healing 

I was having a discussion with a student about the chakra systems. There are many and some have strayed very far from their original meaning .  They are just a bit different it seems for everyone.  I recently broke my T4 vertebrae in a fall from a high place.  I was told by a yoga teacher I needed to do the heart opening mediatation because the pain was coming from my heart chakra.  I just looked at her and said no it is coming from the trauma surrounding the injury.  I am too down to earth to be that Tantra gal that is trying to heal people with chakras. And for some reason it is always the heart.  It is never the root chakra always the heart.  This system of chakras is connected to Indian classical yoga, Hatha yoga, and Kundalini yoga plus others.

I work with elemental chakras earth, fire, air, water, ether.   This not only suits my earthy nature but they connect us to what makes up our world.  And I hardly ever tell anyone their heart needs healing.  In fact in Tantra I usually work with the fire chakra and use the fire meditation because Tantra teaches us that we can only connect to our heart if the strongest energy in our body is flowing freely and that is our sexual energy.  So Tantra does sexual healing.   And by healing the trauma we store in our fire chakra from rejection, betrayals, past abuse, shame and whatever troubles us that works its way to the core of our body we heal  the entire body.  That is Tantra.  It uses the strongest energy in the body to heal the rest of us.  To transform.  Just like how the elements transform the earth.