Tantra: The Full Body Orgasm&Enlightenment

One thing I have learned in my life is that many men have what I can only refer to as small orgasms.  The drive is there, the lingam is ready but the actual event is not fireworks, nor the feeling of your mind been cleared and purified, and your entire being filled with bliss.  What I see and experience is a small sputtering in the fire chakra or groin area and then it is over.  Sometimes I feel sad about this. I hear from men all the time they like to pleasure women and see their pleasure, but women like to see male pleasure also.  Women want tot give pleasure also.  Orgasms are not only meant to be full of pleasure, but they can also be a means to clear out the central channel and leave you in a better place emotionally and physically.  That is the beauty of Tantra, healing through pleasure.  However to experience that healing of past relationship wounds, past traumas, the body has to experience a full body orgasms.  That type of orgasm is a glimpses into enlightenment.



Tantra can be as simple as touching someone with the intent to convey pleasure and compassion.  Or it can be a very ritual event using a tantric temple, sacred positions, running the colors to bring the chakras into alignment and then having multiple orgasms. 

It should be what works while keeping the principles of Tantra, which are love and compassion. 

When working with others whether it be a lover or client always respect their body as a living temple that holds the same matter as the universe. 


I see a lot of different types of men and women.  Each person comes with different needs and issues and expectations.  The wonderful thing about Tantra is that is offers help to everyone.  And that is the wonder of Tantra-healing.  Yet to be healed–one must be open and practice and accept what is.  Yesterday, I had a beautiful and stellar Tantra day.  By the evening I noticed I felt a bit off and went to bed.  I woke up sick with a head cold.  I don’t pretend to be well, I don’t take medicine to masks my symptoms, I rest, drink tea, take care of myself.  I accept the fact I am ill and if I give my body what it needs I will be well faster than if I push myself, medicate myself or worse pretend I am well.  There were things I wanted to do today.  I wanted to go to lunch with my friend and I wanted to shovel the snow off my stairs.  I didn’t do those things.  My friend came over with presents and my neighbor shoveled my snow.  Everything I needed was done.  And I let my body rest.  I have found that by resting and caring for myself when I get sick shortens the path back to health. 

And how does this relate to my clients? Well, when I see someone when they first have an issue it is an easy path toward resolving that issue.  And often even if a problem isnt directly identified the process of Tantra heals.  I have 2 years of PhD work in health psychology, which is focused on why people refuse to do things that will bring them health.  There is this complicated dynamic involving fear, insecurities and laziness that keeps people sick. Along with magical thinking that one thing will cure something.  I see that dynamic with Tantra also.  I ocassionally meet with people that think one meeting will change their —whatever.  And sometimes it does, but not usually.  

Nothing is magic, anyone that offers a quick fix to any problem is generally lying.  Tantra isn’t some metapyhiscal magic.  It works with the body to strengthen natural healing.  It does work.