What is sexual energy vs tantric energy

I respond to many emails about erections.  Yup, I said that.  It really happens a lot.  And after a few discrete question done in the spirit of wanting to give compassionate help, I find out that the erection are in fact there.

However, the man is unhappy with the quality of the erections.  They aren’t spontaneous, they aren’t as hard, there isn’t the intensity. 

Honestly, Tantra can help with these issues.  However, there is also the truth of getting older, disease, approaching death and the myriad aspects of age.  I have been very blessed to have not only good genetics, but also strong life energy.  Genetics is what it is.  Energy on the other hand can be increased.  When energy is increased in the body, there is a sense of overall well-being, creativity, and happiness.

So what does that have to do with sex?  Everything! 

In Tibatian/Elemental Tantra we work with elemental chakras-


Whatever is in the universe is in us.  We can increase the energy in our body through meditation that gathers energy and brings it back into the body.  These mediatation alone or with sex clear the central channel of any emotional or physical blocks.  By practicing all aspects of Tantra energy floods your entire body.  And the strongest source of energy is sexual energy.  That energy can increase in your body no matter the age and you will feel the energetic power of sex and with it will come an increase in creativity and happiness. 

 A lot of articles on Tantric sex, not all, focus on the physical aspects alone.  A very well read website MindBodyGreen.com took information they found on my website and expanded it into many articles on Full body orgasms.  I am not offended by them taking my information as a certainly do not own it.  What I am offended by is their focus on the mechanics of sex, certain touches, certain breathing practices.  One reason I find this focus offense is they use porn terms like edging.  In Indian Tantra that is called riding the tiger a much more poetic term that truly captures the essence of the activity.  https://www.mindbodygreen.com calls it edging and focuses on graphic techniques and I think there is a place for teaching techniques, but it disspells the true purpose and beauty of Tantra.  In the Tantra I learned to hold off orgasms and it was called walking the razor’s edge. 

It is done in connection with the FIRE meditation so that the energy of fire is burning through your body. This doesn’t exhaust your body but instead enlivens it and sends sexual energy through out the body.  This energy brings an increase in the body’s energy, sexual energy, happiness and creativity.  It also gives you clarity and the ability to be present.  That is the true gift of Tantra, not a particular technique, not a bastardized version of a scared aspect of building sexual energy.  For me I rather walk the razor’s edge than edge. I don’t want a watered down version of Tantra.  I want the real thing.  

Oh yeah, erections are important and Tantra can definitely help with them. 

TANTRA and CURING ED, PE, and,Trauma–Naturally!!! 

Tantra is healing. It heals common sexual issues through the use of sexual energy in a normal and healthy way. You don’t need pills for ED.  Pills can cause more problems.  They can damage the valves of the veins and capillaries that are in the lingam.  Also, pills produce very mediocre orgasms.  And lastly, most men don’t have complete ED.  It has come on over time through the neglect of the lingam, deniel of sexual energy, and also lack of use.  

Tantra provides a series of exercises, breath techniques that can help a man recover strong effective erections. 

PE can be a frustrating issue.  It can arise at different points in a man’s life.  The most frustrating part of this issue is that ejactulation doesn’t produce strong intense orgasms.  It is challenging and seems to be connected with shame and tension.  And it is not just a young man’s issue.  Once again sexual energy isn’t being used to produce the greatest amount of pleasure for both partners.  Yes, Tantra does provide methods to produce more sexual endurance and greater intensity with orgasms .

Truama comes in many forms from rejection, to physical and sexual abuse, to illness, to not adapting to change.  Truama is truama.  However, it is often felt in the body first and expressed by sexual dysfunction of some kinda from hyper-sexuality, to complete lack of interest, to inability to orgasm, ED, PE. 

One of the best aspects of Tantra is the ability to heal past wounds, and heal the body.  

Tantra and the meaning of Meditation. 

Taken from: A beautiful story. 
One day Buddha is passing by a forest. It is a hot summer day and he is feeling very thirsty. He says to Ananda, his chief disciple, “Ananda, you go back. Just three, four miles back we passed a small stream of water. You bring a little water – take my begging bowl. I am feeling very thirsty and tired.” He had become old.
Ananda goes back, but by the time he reaches the stream, a few bullock carts have just passed through the stream and they have made the whole stream muddy. Dead leaves which had settled into the bed have risen up; it is no longer possible to drink this water – it is too dirty. He comes back empty-handed, and he says, “You will have to wait a little. I will go ahead. I have heard that just two, three miles ahead there is a big river. I will bring water from there.
But Buddha insists. He says, “You go back and bring water from the same stream.
Ananda could not understand the insistence, but if the master says so, the disciple has to follow. Seeing the absurdity of it – that again he will have to walk three, four miles, and he knows that water is not worth drinking – he goes.
When he is going, Buddha says, “And don’t come back if the water is still dirty. If it is dirty, you simply sit on the bank silently. Don’t do anything, don’t get into the stream. Sit on the bank silently and watch. Sooner or later the water will be clear again, and then you fill the bowl and come back.
Ananda goes there. Buddha is right: the water is almost clear, the leaves have moved, the dust has settled. But it is not absolutely clear yet, so he sits on the bank just watching the river flow by. Slowly, slowly it becomes crystal-clear. Then he comes dancing. Then he understands why Buddha was so insistent. There was a certain message in it for him, and he understood the message. He gave the water to Buddha, and he thanked Buddha, touched his feet.
Buddha says, “What are you doing? I should thank you that you have brought water for me.”
Ananda says, “Now I can understand. First I was angry; I didn’t show it, but I was angry because it was absurd to go back. But now I understand the message. This is what I actually needed in this moment. The same is the case with my mind – sitting on the bank of that small stream, I became aware that the same is the case with my mind. If I jump into the stream I will make it dirty again. If I jump into the mind more noise is created, more problems start coming up, surfacing. Sitting by the side I learned the technique.
“Now I will be sitting by the side of my mind too, watching it with all its dirtiness and problems and old leaves and hurts and wounds, memories, desires. Unconcerned I will sit on the bank and wait for the moment when everything is clear.”
And it happens on its own accord, because the moment you sit on the bank of your mind you are no longer giving energy to it. This is real meditation. Meditation is the art of transcendence.

Tantric Sex and the Benifts.

Tantra provides many benefits to the body and mind and relationships.  Monday I am selling a new workbook for those that don’t have acess to Tantra or a Tantra instructor or may just want the privacy of working through Tantra basics on their own.  Tantra Naturally cures unbalances of sexual energy that lead to ED or PE.  Tantra heals shame, and trauma.  Tantra brings to body into balance to experience joy.