jill Hey, my name is Jill Jorgensen.   I have been practicing Hatha Yoga since 1994 and I am certified to teach Kundalini yoga and  Tantra Yoga.  I have four  years of experience with Kundalini yoga and mediation and tens years of experience with different forms of Tantra yoga and 6 months of intensive one on one training in Tibetan Tantra yoga from a teacher of  the Shangpa Kagyu Lineage, but relate more to Osho and Mukunda Stiles and Dawn Cartwright.

There are many different schools of Tantra and from both India and Tibet.  Many of these schools are lineage based on knowledge that is only given orally. I feel this has been somewhat perverted into a marketing ploy to upsell people that are interested in Tantra.  I am not a fan of this sort of thing.  I believe if you have knowledge that will benefit people and make their lives better then you don’t hide it.  I believe this is becoming a more common viewpoint and you can find very good information.  My knowledge is based on personal study and work with Tantra partners, one on one study, and certification through a Tantra school.

I have a degree in history where my emphasis was on medieval women and roles of women in that time frame.  I also have a minor in Marketing from Idaho State University.  Idaho State University also issued my secondary teaching certification I  have a degree in English from Boise State University. Plus I have a Master’s in Science in Psychology and a Master’s of Arts in creative writing and Literature, plus two years of PhD work in Health Psychology.

I was a terrible high school student and in fact got pregnant my junior year and delivered my first son August of 1973, a week after my senior year started.  However, I only missed a week of school because of my pregnancy and baby.  I graduated with my class and attended college in the fall.  I made a detour into marriage and found it not to my liking however, I did have 3 wonderful children with my ex husband and spent 25 long years with him. I am not against marriage in fact believe it to be a wonderful state, but it is just not for me.  I guess I inserted this to say I started having sex early and plan to continue to have it the rest of my life. Also there is a vast difference between sex and intimacy, true intimacy.

I began to practice Hatha yoga in 1994 to get some relief from depression and to improve my flexibility.  I studied Kundalini yoga at home and worked to get certified for my own benefit.  I first was aware of yoga in high school from a book I checked out of my high school library by Gloria Swanson, the actress.  112922494da352e9fff2ed26094a56f9 Pictured here doing yoga Mukta%20Hasta%20Sirsasana%20IIThere has never been a time in jill.1my life I was not interested in sex and love and bliss. I was always interested in Tantric Yoga  and yearned for a partner. I did practice Tantra yoga with a partner ten years ago and again recently for 2 years,  however I have been on a solo path for the last 2 years. Pleasure extends into all areas of our lives, the food we eat, the work we do, the relationships we have with others.  Partners do not magically appear and  I have realized that pleasure is more than just partner sex.  Tantric Yoga is about healing through pleasure, having a great relationship with our own body, using the breath and chakras to promote better health and to increase sexual function and maintain the health of the pelvic floor.  Sexuality is also a path towards enlightenment. Plus as a partner I can bring my experience to sex with a partner and create better sex.

I am not a formal person.  I never have been.  My blogs will be chatty but still focus on my message of healing the relationship with our bodies and sex.  I am also motivated to bring healing to women and men that have experienced abuse.  While I did not experience abuse in my life, I came from a very repressed religious culture that belittled women and their sexual feelings.  Although it wasn’t a term then, Slut Shaming was part of everyday life for me.  I also spent 10 years working in the mental health field and saw first hand the damage of abuse.  I have also had intimate partners that were victims of sexual abuse and the pain is very intense yet it is not often directly addressed.  Sex should not be a source of shame or painful feelings. Orgasm is not a bad word neither is vagina or yoni.  As a women of 59. I want to educate women and men that sex should still be a source of bliss as we age and not something that we snicker at or disregard as unimportant.Jill.3 I believe an experience with Tantra will open the heart and mind, but to get the full benefits of Tantra you need more knowledge and practice.   For that purpose I have developed an education program.  Look at it in the store or email me at jill@breathofbliss.com.   Similar programs cost 3,500 to 10,000 dollars and won’t give your better information or results.

Namaste, Jill




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  1. Tasneem Fatima says:

    Hello dear Jill. Hope u r fine, Tasneem here.I just came in touch wd your site,found it really wonderful 😊.I felt so full of energy reading your blogs.how cm i get this kind of learning at home.btw I m in Pakistan.any suggestions? Hope to get your reply soon.

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