Adjusting to Fall, age & sex 

Each year the light begins to change and summer shakes loose of hot summer days and night and slowly the nights cool, apples ripen, gardens burst with vegetables, the leaves turn and rustle in the wind.  We not only accept this change most of us love fall.  The colors, the smells, the first cool nights under covers are a welcome change.  Our bodies adjust to the change in light the warm days and cool nights and the feel we get that refreashens our soul.

Few people dread or regret fall and the joys of the season.  Many love the excuse to drink pumpkin spiced lattes, go for long walks, prepare for winter, and enjoy the changes. However, most people do not feel that way about age.  We hold on to the belief if we don’t acknowledge our age and the changes it brings they don’t exist.  That is not true. I am really grateful to the fact that I have had very good health and still feel and look good at my age.  And I have had health issues, but nothing serious or not fixable and I do not have daily aches or pains.   That is luck.  Nothing more.lion

One thing that has been an constant with me is an interest in sex and learning more about sex and Tantra and feeling pleasure.  I do not believe there is ever too much pleasure to feel.   Our bodies do not have a finite amount of pleasure that we can feel.  We can feel an infinite amount of pleasure.  Not just a few moments of a strained orgasm with our legs cramping and toes curled, but a free flowing wave of pleasure taking us to a higher level of bliss.  Sex and desire can’t be contained in a few words or a certain type of relationship.  Desire is not something we control.  Why I desire one thing over another can’t be explained away or even understood. Desire is wild, a fire that burns us.  However, it is a fire we can raise up in our bodies to experience the hot burning of desire and the beautiful and free flowing bliss of fulfillment of our desire.

That is a little more poetic than I was planning on as I am feeling very— well horny.  I am not really sure why we use that word or what it even means, but in my case I am filled with desire and long for the fulfillment of that desire. Or as the Buddha says: To live is to burn.


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