Breathing for better Sex

I got a really funny email from someone that said, I get it breathe in and out.  Guess what you are smart ass and probably do not get it. One of the hardest poses I learned was the boat pose.  I have a very weak core because of early childbirth.  Even before that I didn’t have a strong ab area.

The boat pose uses all of your ab muscles  and some of your legs also. It took my 15 years to do this pose. You read that right 15 years. And the break through came from using a different breathing technique.  I switched to breath of fire.  In a week I was able to do a pose that had eluded me for 15 years.  I thought it was awesome. I still do.lyre

Breathing is key to relaxation, good sex and stronger orgasms.  And guess what most people do not breathe well.   They don’t.  Most people take shallow breaths in their chest and their shoulders pump up and down all day long.  Guess what that leads to— neck pain and headaches.  Taking deep full breaths that inflate the lungs and using  the diaphragm will relieve that pain.  I will testify to that.  I broke both my C4 nd C5 and used to get terrible tension between my shoulders.  Once I began breathing correctly I never get that and I do not have headaches and my anxiety is not as high.  I come from family of people who suffer from anxiety.  It is just some sort of genetic weakness from the Danes.  Probably the same sort of thing that sent Vikings out on rages. and louting and pillaging and raping. It is what it is.  However, I have been able to control my anxiety for years through correct breathing, yoga, meditation and feeling my emotions when they occur.  I am not saying I am enlightened by any means, but I am a hell of a lot happier.  I am big on happy.  I was a happy kid and happy most of my life until that eroded through a terrible marriage. I like happy.  Dumb stuff makes me happy.  I live for the small moments of my day. And I am grateful yoga brought me to that place.

Nightfall painting and giclee on canvas by artist Michael Parkes

Nightfall painting and giclee on canvas by artist Michael Parkes

But on to sex!!! when I started practicing Tantra it was to be enlightened not to have better sex. Then I learned I had to have great sex to experience enlightenment. What a bonus.  And to do that I needed to learn how to breathe and so I did.  I learned new breath techniques that expanded my orgasms to full body orgasms.  Breathing correctly gets you in touch with your body in ways nothing else can.  So it is a huge part of what I teach and how I teach.


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