Do Women give Sex to their husbands??? WTF Tantra Rant on Sex Negative statements.  

I really hate this little poster. It offends me to my Tantra core.  1-Women don’t give their husband’s sex.  That idea is so retro and stupid it makes my head hurt.

Sex should be a thing, a wonderful thing between two people that want to have sex and enjoy each other’ bodies.  If it is in a marriage it is more important to have sex and have both people hot for each other.  My parents were hot for each other.  It made me think the reason to get married was to be with the person you want to have sex with for the rest of your life.  But sex isn’t a gift a woman gives.  It is a gift between men  and women or women and women or men and men.    I am pretty whatever.  Sex is good and should make you feel good all over. 

Then this silly thing says an active sex life in the context of marriage and makes some silly moral judgement on sex.  It is possible to have an active, healthy, wonderful sex life outside of marriage. 

I like marriage.  I think it is a great way to explore levels of yourself that can’t be done otherwise.  For me marriage wasn’t my deal, but I gave it 25 years.   It didn’t make me happy, but I certainly think I am the exception not the rule.  

This sort of thing and I am going to say it, this sort of shitty advice given to look sex positive while reinforcing sex sterotypyes does not help anyone.  Sex is a gift we give our lover, partner, or spouse out of love and desire, but it is mutual giving and receiving of pleasure for the sake of pleasure.  In a happy union one person doesn’t have control over it.  This poster should read why women should let their passion for their men run wild.  How an active sex life keeps you young and healthy and vital. 

That I can get behind or someone can get behind me and you know sort of drive that message home.  Don’t let old stereotypes ruin sex.  Sex and pleasure is the gift of our bodies to the people we desire and love and crave. 


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