Fees & Etiquette


  1. Tantra is a very personal experience and I realize some people look at is a  form of sexual massage.  It is not an “Asian Rub & Tug” I don’t see people who are underage or under 22.
  2. Tantra is a sacred way of approaching sex and the body.  I am one of the few certified and authentic Tantra teacher and massage worker in the area and I believe in my work.
  3. I want to work with people who want to learn more about Tantra and how it benefits you personally and sexually.  The sexual aspects of Tantra are amazing, but the other aspects of  being totally present and having peace in your mind are actually as good.
  4. I  bring 22 years of yoga practice and 13 years of Tantra practice and certification. I have a MS in psychology and 2 years of PhD work in health psychology.  I feel I bring a lot to my practice and my work.  I believe if you contact me you are being open and want to learn a new and maybe better way of approaching your sex life and heal certain aspects such as ED, PE, and lack of intensity plus learn techniques for a full body orgasm. 


  • I will respond with the upmost respect and compassion.  The best way to contact me is by text.
  • If I am working I can’t respond to a phone call, but do check for texts.  I will respond in an hour.
  • Do not ask for photos, I will not send them—and don’t send me pictures.  If you send pictures I just block you.
  • Do not call expecting some sort of sex talk.  I do not want to know about your fetishes. Plus there are 800 numbers for that.  I will be very respectful to honest questions
  • What I wear is my personal preference and changes on the daily, so please don’t ask as it isn’t important
  • I do not answer unknown caller phone calls.


The price changes and other changes do not apply to current or past clients.  Please note that as of August 4 th I will not be seeing new clients.  

I will be teaching Tantra and to see me you will need to purchase the educational program which will be followed up with a full Tantra session.  

Couples will need to purchase the couple intimacy exercises.

A Full Tantra session is always 2 hours at $200.  That is standard pricing. 

Second sessions are 60 minutes for $100  and are open only to those that have experienced a full Tantra session.

Couples:  2 hour for 300.  Couples second session 60 minutes for $200

Retreats: If you want me for a retreat it is 200 dollars a person a day and the retreat covering my expenses.

Speaking:  I am a qualified speaker and speak on:

  • Age and sexuality,

  • Guilt and shame and how to overcome them,

  • Normalizing sex for young people and adults,

  • Being Sex positive in a Sex Negative world.

  • My speaking fees are $3000 for a conference and expenses.







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