Full Body Orgasm.

1coupleWhen I try to tell people about the ability to have full body orgasms all the time not just on occasion, I get odd looks.  One person asked me, if his whole body would feel like his lingam did when he had an orgasm.  He might have used other words, same meaning.  I said yes, that orgasmic energy raises up through your entire body yet it does so while the body is completely relaxed and the only focus is on the pleasure of the moment.  And yes it does feel as if you have fused with your partner and the universe.  I usually write my own stuff because I like to, but I found this awesome article and so am going to link to it.  And sometimes I like to have my own thoughts  and experiences verified by others. http://www.elle.com/life-love/sex-relationships/news/a33304/full-body-orgasm-tantric-sex/


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