I get it! Breathe in Breathe out.

I received that email from someone.  That is all it said.  I suppose they were being funny or I don’t know.  I hazard to guess what people think anymore or their motivations.  However, I do know one thing.  In general people do not get it.  They do not breathe in or out correctly.  Most people take short shallow breaths that use the upper body to pump air into them.  Because with every breath you take you pull the tension into the upper back.  Another aspect of breath is that our body is nourished by the amount of oxygen that is getting to each cell.  When we are in a constant state of taking short shallow breaths the energy flow of the body is less.  Many people take short shallow breaths that builds up tension in the upper back and neck. Over time that tension becomes chronic and even with a good massage it doesn’t go away for very long. images (6)

Deep relaxation breath is one way to relieve upper back and neck tension.  By using the diaphragm for what it was made for breathing instead of taking short shallow breaths through the mouth, the body relaxes into a state of balance that is free of tension and stress.  During my sessions I use the this deep breathing to bring relaxation to the entire back and body.  So there is a lot of breathe in, breath out.  And the goal is to completely fill the lungs with new air and to exhale all the used air so there is a free current of energy in the body.

Another aspect of the breath is that often at the point of orgasm people, men and women, tighten up and hold their breath.  This does not make for a more powerful orgasm.  I have heard everything from it is natural you have to do it that way to just the regular it feels right to do it that way. A lot of things feel right that aren’t.  By holding on to the breath you are actually cutting off the flow of energy.  By tightening up your muscles the energy is being diverted from the orgasm.  When you breath into the orgasm and relax the body, the orgasm has room to expand and to involve the entire body not just one organ. The power of just deep relaxation breath is immense, but in combination with other breathing techniques the body can be recharged and re-energized to where tension does not build up in the muscles and the free flow of energy during orgasms becomes a full body orgasm rather than just a small burst of energy located primarily in the sex organs.  It is about breathing in and breathing out but doing it with purpose and intention to flood the body with air and energy


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