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I was expecting to just go online and renew my Craigslist ad.  But no, this did not happen at all, because I wanted to change the image.  All the above images were rejected by Craigslist as being inappropriate.   I guess one does have a nipple.  I am looking at these pictures and I just don’t see anything wrong with them.  I especially like the second one.  What is wrong with our culture that we place so much negativity on sex.   I feel these images project what I want to impart more than the image I have.  The picture I use is titled Flaming June painted by Frederic Leighton, who is a recognized and famous Pre-Raphaelite painter so it is an image that passes through their checks.  I don’t understand why any of the above images would be censored. It doesn’t make sense to me.  One of the main topic that come up in client’s concerns is the fact they aren’t having intmate relations with their partners because the other partner feels shame and has had negative feelings about sex.  Sex is so complicated with so many strange feelings because it is a very strong and life affirming drive.  Sex makes us feel alive and brings us as close to enlightenment as we get in this world.  It is important to feel pleasure.  It is healing to feel pleasure.  It is not wrong to feel pleasure.  It is wrong to deny yourself pleasure.








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