Intensity of Orgasms and how to keep it.

One  of the concerns I have heard more than once or twice is that people want to have  stronger more intense orgasms.  This means different things to different people.  I am not completely sure on this, but to men it seems to mean they want to experience the intensity and excitement of when they were younger and got erections by seeing someone or looking at a certain image and having a strong desire to have sex with what they saw.  This intensity of feeling over rides guilt or consequences and is so strong that we are willing to risk anything to be with that person.  That falling in love feeling or lust or mutual attraction is intense.  It makes for intense orgasms.  So for me and from listening to others intensity comes from emotions and the desire  we feel for the other:  our need to touch them, to see them, to please them, to watch them orgasm.

There is really nothing that compares to the lust of youth. If anyone could bottle that and sell it, they would be rich.  Of course Viagra is not the same.  Lust and the strong desire to have sex comes from being with a person you have strong sexual chemistry with.  Most if not all our relationships of the romantic sort begin with sexual attraction.  That is good.    Sexual attraction is a good beginning to a relationships, but it doesn’t last.  In fact according to scientific studies sexual attractions lasts 2 years, 6 months and 21 days.  Then you have to like the person.   Intensity of orgasms should not get confused with the intensity of new relationships. Intensity  of orgasm comes from good skills, correct breathing, good communication with your partner and lack of trauma in the relationship and in your body.     The funny thing about orgasmsjoe-manganiello is the more relaxed you are they better they are. Since I am the only person I have truly intimate knowledge of their sex life I have to use myself as an example.  I had very weak sort of dial in orgasms in the last years of my marriage because I was unhappy I was traumatized and I was numb.  That showed up in every aspect of my life including my orgasms.  And now as I am moving up on my sixth decade I can say my orgasms are stronger, longer, and more intense then at any time in my life, and I will credit my Tantra practice  for that.



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