Is that Tantra?

I get to listen to a lot of people and I find that interesting and a gift.  I appreciate it as I learn so much.  What I hear is private and not for discussion.  However, there are a few things I do not consider private and feel I should discuss.  One is the meaning of Tantra.  In the West when people say Tantra they think sex. And I say this website it about sex and it is in a way.  Tantra is about sex in the way that our major source of energy is our fire chakra which is located at the base of our central channel.  That is basically our sexual parts either yoni or lingam.  So sex fuels a lot of our activity and thoughts and our creativity.   Sex is vastly important for a healthy life.  Also a good relationship includes intimacy and connection.  That is the aspect of Tantra that I focus on.  The Tantra practice I hear a lot about is a massage practice that is basically a back rub and hand job.  First I do not consider that Tantra in any way and you can use fancy words for the hand job and you can sugar coat your job as a Tantra goddess, but it  is basically a back rub with a hand job.

This is not my training or what I do.  I have had a few people ask for that treatment or worse expect it and then be surprised that my Tantra experience does not include an orgasm.  An orgasm generates a lot of energy and creates an connection that I do not feel is a good idea to share with someone that you do not have an intimate relationship with.  I do not believe the orgasm is the healing factor in Tantra.  I have seen teachers and other Tantra people get fixated on this notion that they can heal by giving out orgasms and achieve enlightenment entirely through orgasms.  If that was the case I would have achieved enlightenment at 17.  a kiss

Tantra is experienced in 3 ways:

Through communication

Through touch and movement

And through the breath

This can include orgasms, but it doesn’t need to. Fearless-e1382723753637

When I hear, I visited a Tantra gal and she whipped her hair back and forth on me, used her mouth and hands on my lingam and did this or that, My thoughts and words are this: ” Well, each of us have a different path and that is not mine.”   My goal is to help each client achieve a better understanding of their body, how their breath works to promote relaxation and peace of mind, and how to achieve a deep state of relaxation through the breath and how to accept sex as a part of a spiritual path or as a deeply satisfying aspect of their own private life. I do talk openly about sexual matters. I do offer techniques to improve connection, and orgasms.  I offer a technique of communication and touch that enlivens the entire body and dispersers sexual pleasure throughout the body, but it is not an orgasm. I also communicate clearly and openly.  This means that at times if I feel I am not being respected or treated properly I will cut off communication and I will tell you why in a clear and compassionate manner and then block you on my phone.  I am a deeply compassionate person, but I am not a patient one.  We all have flaws and that is mine.


Peace out, all



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