Looking at the Yoni or Lingam with Love

A friend, “Dick’s, they are all the same!”

Me, “Not really.”

Friend about a women, “They put hair down there for a reason.”

Me, “What?”61773baf38bfe1b696874382d934c62c

Shrugs, “To cover up how ugly it is!”

I have so much I want to say on this topic and I have struggled with it over the weekend along with food poisoning.  We are our bodies.  There isn’t us and our body, which ne must battle to control. There is the body. Every cell in marked as belonging to our body.  How can any of that be bad?GEORGIA OKeefe

That means everything in our body is good.  Yet, people still have so much negative to say about the sexual organs.  They give them ugly names and make fun of them or make comments like the ones I have heard all my life.  As for names, I have no emotional baggage attached to names.  I like pussy and I have even grown to like cunt.  I like cock, or dick or penis.  I do not care for prick or anything that makes it seem small and insignificant nor anything that makes the female organ seem insignificant. As a tantrika (one who practices Tantra) I am encouraged to refer to the female joy center as the yoni and the male joy center as the lingam.

Having said that I am constantly shocked at how little many people know about their bodies and how the sexual organs work and how they look.  Are you looking at your partner and your own body?  Everyone should be.  To gaze with longing and acceptance at your partner’s most erotic center is important and establishes desire and intimacy and I could name 50 more good things about it.  It is sexy, it is filled with erotic feelings and desire and love.  If you can’t look at the yoni or lingam with love and desire how can you be a good lover?  It seems to go together.

And for the record all dicks are not the same none are the same they are all different and unique just like the yoni is different and unique.



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