Natural cures for ED

Can problems with ED be cured naturally?  Yes, and I am going to give 3 natural cures that work to overcome most ED issues.  I hear from men that say they are having ED issues on a fairly regular basis.  So first I want to really define what ED is and what it is not. 

ED is the complete inability to achieve an erection of any kind. There is no notucuranl erections, no morning wood, and the lingam doesn’t respond to stimulation at all.   That is the definition of ED.  When this happens, medical issues have to be ruled out and then the natural cures for ED I will give will help.

However, many men feel they have ED problems when the following happen:

1-When the lingam doesn’t get as firm and hard has when they were young.

2-When there isn’t the pressure to hurry and orgasm or that feeling of lust isn’t as strong.

3-Or when the lingam doesn’t get erect on demand.

Those listed things aren’t ED.  Those are things that happen when sexual energy isn’t being cultivated and used.  

The lingam as with any other part of the body needs proper care to function correctly and produce the strongest orgasms. Also you don’t want an orgasm that is just in the lingam, instead you want an orgasm that floods your entire body with orgasmic bliss.   Maybe that is just me.  However, I am not very staisfied if my orgasm is just located in the pelvis. To me that means it is trapped and I need it to escape so my entire body, down to the last atom is shaking with bliss.  

What are 3 Narural cures for ED?

1-PROPER STIMULATION: This means learning lingam massage techniques that you can use for self pleasuring or that your partner can use.  A 42 year old lingam, can’t be expected to get erect just by the thought of sex.  I don’t get wet just by seeing a handsome man and thinking about sex anymore.  I wish. My yoni needs encouragement, but most men know that about women. The lingam also needs encouragement of the right kind.  The techniques of a healing lingam massage will cure many cases of when erections aren’t as hard as you would like them.  Many men get in the habit of inserting the lingam when it is not fully erect.  Resist this urge and if you lose the erection see it as a time to take a break to engage in foreplay for both of you and then reengage. 

2-BUILDING SEXUAL ENERGY: This is called riding the tiger or walking the razor’s edge.  In porn they have borrowed this Tantra technique and call it edging.  I teach it as the ten stroke.  It is a tantra technique that slowly builds sexual energy in the body.  It works. 

3-EMOTIONS: I am a man…not a machine.  Yes, men have emotions and those emotions when they are not expressed can manifest as problems with sexual energy from lack of desire, inability to orgasm, and inability to have firm hard erections. One of the biggest issues that men face is divorce which causes trauma and feelings of rejection.  Rejection is a very negative feeling and emotion.  This trauma from feeling rejected will cause men to lose the ability to get an erection.  Talking about your feelings to a safe person, writing about them, just acknowledging the fact you feel hurt and rejected will often be enough to proceed to proper stimulation.  

Another emotion many men face is sexual rejection in their marriage.  This is extremely painful.  I know this as I had a withholding husband and I finally reached a point toward the end of our marriage when I could not achieve an orgasm.  It was one reason I became interested in Tantra after my divorce.  Men react by shutting down sexually.  Especially if they love their wives.  They don’t want to cheat and they don’t want to force themselves on a partner they love.  They want to be desired as a sexual beings.   I had a friend say once men  want their dicks adored.  And that is actually reasonable.  I have adored my partner’s dicks or as I like to say now, I put love on the lingam. That constant rejecting and lack of sexual interest by a beloved partner hurts and produces ED issues.  Also going long periods of time without sex  causes ED issues.  It is truly a use it or lose it situation.  When a man is having regular satisfying sex he produces more male hormones. Therefore making sex easier.  By not engaging in sex there is a decrease in male hormones and the muscles around the testicles and anus aren’t being exercised through sexual activity.  Going without sex is not good and results in issues with ED.  It is a vicious cycle that has to be addressed with compassion and honesty.  

If you are interested in particular techniques order my workbook on Natural Cures for ED or if you are in my area text for an appointment


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