Nude, why not ???


One of the questions I get all the time is “Are you nude?”  And the answer is the same all the time, ” No, why would I need to be nude?” I realize there are “tantric goddesses” that are nude and use youth and beauty as a means to entice and satisfy their clientele.  That is not what I do.  My goal is to teach how to breathe so that your tension isn’t caught in your upper back and neck, to clear energy blocks, and to teach how to have better orgasms with the person you are connected to.   That person is not me. I am literally in a position of teacher and counselor, not tantric goddesses or whore.  I was able to attend a tantric conference and listened to the people and was seriously appalled at how many had began sexual relationships with clients.  I do not think that is okay.  I never think that is okay.  So me being nude detracts from my ability to teach,to be listened to and understood, and brings in a sexual dynamic that is not appropriate to my teaching style.  So no— I am not nude.

However, on to nudity.  I think people should be nude more. I think it is important to be comfortable being nude. I think it  is especially important to be comfortable being nude when having sex and not to worry about how you look.  I look back on my young sex life and realize I did not get as much  out of a lot of sexual encounters because I was worrying about how this looked or an extra pound  or two. Nothing ruins sex like thinking about your body in  negative way, nothing.

The truth is man or woman we just want our partner NUDE!!!We want to feel skin on skin.  It is the total contact of the skin that is appealing not perfection.  So I do like nudity a lot, but I will not be nude when in a position of teaching.  I do love nudity just not when I am working. massage9However, I do not wear long sleeves either.




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