Our Bodies, our pleasure

I have been most surprised at how little most people men and women know about their bodies.  Many women have not looked at their own yoni and neither have their lovers.  And the same can be said for men.    They know a little about their lingam, but only has much as they have to to get an orgasm from it.  bannan

It stands to reason if you don’t know your body how can you know how to give it pleasure? If you can’t share the sight of your body with your partner it is difficult to establish a deep connection.  Quite a few clients are not aware of the sweet spots on their own lingams and even less aware of the sweet spots on women’s bodies.  Everyone has a sweet spot.  And excuse the use of my dog, but Frank has a sweet spot on his hip  and when I scratch it his left legs jerks up and down and he smiles at me.   To give pleasure,to get pleasure, we must know our own bodies and how they work and what feels best. Then we need to listen to our partner so we know how to please them.nipple clamps

One surprising thing, although I am constantly surprised by people, is that so few people have explored their own bodies.  Things I would think are quite natural is stimulating the nipples to see if that feels good.  Most men and women enjoy nipple stimulation from a little touch to hard pinching even clamps.  For some men nipple play doesn’t sound masculine or even hints at homosexual tendencies  which is just not true.  Nipples feel good.  Nipples are a very sensual zone for both men and women and should be explored.

Also, I can’t be the only person that explored their own bum when they were little.   That feels awesome.  And is still does for both men and women.  Bodies are bodies and while pulp media can focus on the difference,  many of our sensations as men and women are the same as we exists as a body on this world first and what feels good to me as a woman such as my feet being massaged my nipples being played with can also feel as  good to a man and the bum can be another post, but the bum is a good place for play.


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