Poetry, again…

My love poem to you


I watch you walk awayMichael_Parkes_14

You don’t look over your shoulder.

You are off and away. I leave too with only one evil thought.

And then it is days before I can take it all in

The feel of you, the smell of you,

The rough hard way you come at me

after a week of coaxing and convincing

And finally we both relent to the idea that there is

Nothing perfect here and our plans for music, candles and

time to enjoy each other are in vain.

I mail my confident, my ex-lover that you have broke me

He is concerned about his growing irrelevancy. I reassure him,

but my brokenness is not address.   I plan to text you and tell you

that you broke me, but you knew that the first night, bastard.

How I love you.





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