Premature Ejaculation:


I common goal for men is to last longer. There are techniques that can help with this and I teach them. They include breath work, how to touch the lingam, and the pressure block and there are  many  esoteric practices for advanced Tantra.  They have to be practiced and change is not immediate. However they do work. But tonight I want to  talk about emotional issues in relationship to premature ejaculation and the lingam.

According to studies normal run of the mill intercourse is about 7 minutes long. It takes a woman 10 minute of intercourse to have an orgasm if she can have an orgasm vaginally. So obviously we have a 3 minute difference.   However, most considerate men make sure their partner has orgasmed before intercourse begins. If you partner has already orgasmed and you have engaged in a good amount of foreplay and it has been pleasurable then really how long you last is only as long as you want to. It is not a contest so a good guideline is what feels good to you.

The vast majority of woman that like the man like their penis also. Women don’t break up with a man because of their penis. However, women do not crave the lingam the way a man craves pussy. Most women don’t. They like having an orgasm, they like intercourse and the physical and emotional connection of intercourse and I think that is what men like also.   The key factor is communication.

Ask your partner, “Could you please tell me if you want us to have intercourse longer. I feel like I might not be satisfying you.” Right there you open up what is called Tantra Communication. You ask for what you want and you are lovingly open to the response. Then be open to the response. What you hear might surprise you.

Another option to help with premature ejaculation is get used to intense stimulation by self-pleasuring, increase intercourse, increase oral sex,imagesFM4NXXV4 and to truly let go and enjoy every sensation of the orgasm. Then when you are inside of the yoni be present and enjoy how it feels to be inside of your partner and to enjoy every bit of her. So in this case the problem is also the cure.


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