Yes to Life & Love & Sex.

One of the frustrating things I cope with is knowing when I am not doing what is best for me.   When I ignore basic skills that bring calm and peace to my life. When I don’t do my yoga, when I fail to stay on my budge or I over-drink or over-eat.  I know eating right, doing my yoga practice, drinking moderately,  managing my money will bring a sense of calm and well-being to my life.  I know that not doing these things will be disruptive and stressful to my life.  One aspect of my life that was stressful when I was young was my sex life and how I conducted it and how I felt about it.  I would say I was somewhat obsessed with sexual activity and fantasy and men. With Tantra I have gained a control over my sexual life that provides a path to being present and relieves me of fantasy and obsession.  That gives me a great deal of calm plus that energy is redirected to improving other aspects of my life.  No, I am not where I want to be but I am much closer and my level of self-awareness is much higher and I have fewer periods of personal confusion and unhappiness.

The level of joy and well being I feel 95% of the time, I owe to Tantra and better understanding of my body and its amazing ability to feel higher levels of pleasure that are very close to  enlightenment. Enlightenment is what I desire more than wonderful soul enhancing sex. I started off wanting better and more intense orgasms, but have developed beyond those physical goals because Tantra offers so much more.  It offers the ability to be present, totally present in the moment of pleasure in sex and life. What many people  feel brings more excitement more pleasure is fantasy and being in the head during sex.  This is the opposite of what Tantra offers. It offers the ability to accept yourself and your partner as they are and to feel the pleasure the  body was created to feel.  Not the fake pleasure of a porn star but the real honest pleasure of a person in the act of love.

This is a thing that happens to me. A person will contact me and ask for  information and I give it. And then they ask for more and I give it. The contact was a first step in asking for help or seeking tools that can add a better life.  And 95% of people come through, but there is a small percentage of those that can’t commit.  I don’t believe in  “selling” or pressuring someone with promises.  The choice has to be self-directed.  However, I do feel badly about those people that can’t say yes to life to love to sex.  I am looking at 60 decades of life and the only things I regret are those I didn’t do. To those things I said no to, not to those things I said yes to.  1305109046_383741


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