Special Tibetan Healing Meditation Post for a Friend.

The Spirit or Space Tibetan Healing Meditation

Today is a day devoted to the Spirit or Space Chakra.  I prefer think of it is terms of spirit as it is more aligned with my spiritual beliefs, but it is also can be referred to as the space chakra or the ether chakra. Either way it performs the same function.  While the other elements are for healing and bringing balance to the body, this meditation is for protection of your space or spirit.

   White/Spirit Chakrawhite-light-mandala

The color is white

The shape is a round three-dimensional sphere so you can imagine yourself inside of the sphere

The sound is VAMvam

The body part is the Heart.

It is an antidote to ignorance and separation from the spiritual

The activity it promotes is peace

It brings protection to all the orifices, sinuses, heart system, emotional body, and all the vajra body . NOTE: The vajra-body (rdo-rje lus) corresponds to your subtle physical body when used for tantric practice

The wisdom it gives is universal wisdom

The quality it gives us is openness


The White Chakra Mediation.radient 

Begin with a soft gaze.  Take 21 to 3 breaths depending on what feels right to you at the time.  The Sutra is for reference and is not a mantra.  The meditation is visual and breath work.

Sutra for this Meditation: Whenever in-breath and out-breath fuse, at this instant touch the energy-less, energy-filled center. sutra

Visualize a white brilliant point of light in your heart.  With each breath let it grow until it is the size of a white shinning grape of pure white light.  Place the seed syllable VAM inside the sphere of white light.  Visualize it written in pure silver. Chant the sound Vam one to three times. Then let the letter VAM melt back into your heart. Pause and lock the seed sound into your heart.

With each breath move the white sphere to the central channel just parallel to your heart.  Expand the white sphere until you are standing or sitting inside of it.

Take several deep breaths and then let the sphere of white light radiate outwards in a vivid burst of energy as far as you can imagine. In this burst of energy all negative matter, thoughts, are blown away from you and you are left in protected state where the subtle body can be felt but protected as is the emotional body.

End the meditation by visualizing you being surrounded by nothing but white clear light and lock that in place by taking a few deep yoni or lingam breaths.(Which is breathing in hold and tighten the yoni or PC muscle,, breath out and tighten again.)

Let your body absorb the energy and protection this meditation provides.  Let your body soak in the universal energy it captured when your sphere expanded.  white-rose

This mediation is to be used when you feel the need to protect your emotional self and the subtle body or spirit.   Also be aware that the pictures serve a purpose.  The Sanskrit symbols correspond to the seed syllable VAM.

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