Tantra: All sexual problems are a result of energy problems

Sexual Energy

All problems we connect to sex: lack of desire, inability to orgasm, erectile dysfunction, premature ejactulation, hyper-sexuality, with-holding, these are problems of energy and inbalance.  

Almost all issue we struggle with come back to sexual energy.  The sexual energy  in our body is the strongest energy we have.  It is creative, if is blissful and it is happiness.  In Elemetal Tantra the fire chakra is at the base of the body surrounding the sexual organs.  It is the energy that motivates us to action.  Just as we are motivated to be with a person we desire and how that passion moves us to take risks.  That same energy is used in other areas of our lives.  However, when our sexual energy is low or not balanced it creates issues.  For men that is issues with ED or PE, and for women it can be lack of desire or inability to orgasm, also an issue for men.  However, all these problems have the same cause and the same cure.  The cure to all sexual problems is to connect with your sexual energy in a healthy, mature manner.  Everyone has struggles in this area, everyone.  One of the issue that resolved for me through Tantra was sexual obsession.  I like sex.  I have great sex.  But I don’t obsess about sex.  It plays an important role in my life, but it isn’t stealing time from other creative pursuits.  Sex is good. Sexual energy that is misaligned or not being used positively will create issue.  Yet, that same energy can cure our sexual problems.  

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