TANTRA and CURING ED, PE, and,Trauma–Naturally!!! 

Tantra is healing. It heals common sexual issues through the use of sexual energy in a normal and healthy way. You don’t need pills for ED.  Pills can cause more problems.  They can damage the valves of the veins and capillaries that are in the lingam.  Also, pills produce very mediocre orgasms.  And lastly, most men don’t have complete ED.  It has come on over time through the neglect of the lingam, deniel of sexual energy, and also lack of use.  

Tantra provides a series of exercises, breath techniques that can help a man recover strong effective erections. 

PE can be a frustrating issue.  It can arise at different points in a man’s life.  The most frustrating part of this issue is that ejactulation doesn’t produce strong intense orgasms.  It is challenging and seems to be connected with shame and tension.  And it is not just a young man’s issue.  Once again sexual energy isn’t being used to produce the greatest amount of pleasure for both partners.  Yes, Tantra does provide methods to produce more sexual endurance and greater intensity with orgasms .

Truama comes in many forms from rejection, to physical and sexual abuse, to illness, to not adapting to change.  Truama is truama.  However, it is often felt in the body first and expressed by sexual dysfunction of some kinda from hyper-sexuality, to complete lack of interest, to inability to orgasm, ED, PE. 

One of the best aspects of Tantra is the ability to heal past wounds, and heal the body.  

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