I ask a lot of questions in a session, but I also listen.  One thing I inquire about is if the person has experienced the rise of kundalini energy or of their sexual energy or fire energy, or if their orgasms are only felt in the fire chakra or sex region.  Most people state that they experience an orgasm only in their sex region.  

 If an orgasm is only felt in the pelvis the biology behind that is the rest of the body isn’t engaged or stimulated.  There is a lack of response in the rest of the body as it hasn’t been touched and the overall energy level in the body is low.  Yes, stimulating the sex organs alone will produce an orgasm, but it will remain in the sex organs and not be a full body orgasm.  

The Tantra explaination is that the kundalini energy hasn’t been awakened and can’t rise through your body and expand as there are blocks in the central channel, the chakras are misaligned so the sexual energy is trapped in the sex chakra.  You don’t trust yourself not to be burned by your own pleasure and desire.   In Tibetan Tantra that chakra is referred to as the fire chakra and when properly energized burns through the blocks in the other chakras so it can travel up the central channel to bring a glimpse of enlightenment through a full body orgasm.  The body is free to feel the full expression of desire, of pleasure, of bliss.  

I have a friend who acts as my confidante, sexual counselor and explainer of all things male and incomprehension-able to me.  He claims that to experience a full body orgasm the stars must be right, the partner must be right, all things must combine perfectly to produce this full body orgasm.  

On this our opinions diverge. And I have too much respect for him to disagree with him.  I only experience full body orgasms and have for years.  In many ways it has been extradionarily healing.  Since I am satisfied at deep soul level I don’t feel the need to engage in ego based sex where I am trying to prove something, or to seek out partners for the sole purpose of having sex.  When I was young and after my divorce I had periods of promiscuity.  I engaged in a lot of random unfulfilling sex.   I had orgasms.  Anyone can have an orgasm.  It is the natural function of your body.   And while I had orgasms with my ex husband they became increasingly unstastisfying and only reinforced that I was missing something wonderful. Here I digress.  I have met many unhappy married men who stay married because they profess they love their wives but in reality don’t want to split up their assets and feel loyalty to the marriage. Let me give you a reality check. If you are living in a community property state your assets are fully split up anyway.  Secondly, platonic love is reserved for sisters, mothers, daughters, not your wife. And speaking strictly as a woman I don’t want any man to stay with me out of a misguided sense of duty.  Also there is the lonileness factor and the unwillingness to take responsibility for your own life.  My ex moved out of our house and in with his mother and then lived for short periods of time with girlfriends until he found a new wife.   He is 61 years old and has never taken care of himself or lived alone.  He remains a child in everything but form.  Alone time even if it is brief is imperative to growth.  No one is served remaining in a loveless marriage neither the partners nor any childern.  When I say loveless I mean romantic love and desire. 

What the hell does that have to do with full body orgasms? Well a good deal. Full body orgasms are a technique.  Through Tantra breath work, body work and a amazingly powerful fire meditation full body orgasms are possible for 99% of men and women.

The other key is total acceptance of your body and the body of your beloved. Acceptance comes through touch, and taste and smell using all of our own senses in sex. 

And this is not bragging but an illustrative story.  I spent an hour touching my partner, with my mouth,my face, my body and then pleasure him. Afterwards he laid there with his hand on his head I guess so as to not let the energy escape and he said, my head tingles. That is the fire rising through the body burning away blocks to pleasure.  

Don’t settle for a smoking ember when you can have a roaring fire that lights up your entire body and mind. 

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