Tantra: ED is it a part of growing old?

No!  ED is not a part of growing old.  Men in their 80’s can and do have sex and intense orgasms.  If men are healthy and have good circulation, good erections are not only possible but should be expected.   Good sex should be a part of life.  It is healthy and it is good for you.  

What I have enjoyed about getting older, is that I have better sex and I am more adventurous and open to new experiences.  And while my orgasms aren’t as explosive as when I was 17, they are longer, and more intense.  My body responds more intensely.   I am surprised by this myself.  However, it is true.  

I believe my connection to my body and pleasure and increased ability to have intense orgasms is because of my practice of Tantra.  Tantra makes my body able to generate a higher level of pleasure.  Often during sex I am fully aware of my energetic body and it is the most intense and spiritual experience.  

I have gone through periods of being unable to have orgasms.  It was one reason I began studying Tantra.  It worked for me.  And you might ask well how do you know it works for men?  Because I have seen it work with clients.  

It doesn’t work in the first 90 minute session, (sometimes it does) but it works if given time and practice.  Often men  make an appointment with me as a last resort and so I am struggling with negative energy and an attachment to an outcome that I can’t guarantee.  However, Tantra can cure ED if all aspects are dealt with, health, emotions, and sex.  

I have discussed health, and will discuss emotions and sex next.  I know this is a serious issue for men and their partners.  And I feel strongly that drugs are a poor choice and provide less than stellar results.  Plus they can damage the delicate tissue of the lingam. That is true.  

I have written a small ebook to help deal with this issue and give practical advice on how to reactive the lingam energy and to gently encourage erections that are fuller and more youthful. 

I believe in this because I have seen it work.  I know that it works.  And I know that tantric principles encourage stronger and better orgasms. 

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