Tantra is Trending. Why?

img_0272Tantra promise great sex, extended orgasms, full body orgasms, more intense orgasms and peace of mind or stillness.    Lots of talk about Tantra right now.  Tantra is hot.  The program I went to is so hot in fact it now costs 10,000.  Obviously for 10,000 dollars you are going to be given the secrets of life and great sex the best sex ever.   Maybe?  But Tantra is simple.  I can give the basics in less than a paragraph.  The difficult part is that the things that make Tantra work need to be done daily, and that is the difficult aspect of Tantra.  Practice.  It is a practice.  It can’t be done once or twice or the philopshy heard once or twice it has to be practiced.  And it is awareness.

Everyone talks about wanting to be authentic and self aware, but it is painful.  It means when you do something you are completely aware of your motivations and understand them.  I do some messed up stuff on occasion.  Before I could blame others or ignore my behavior or pretend I didn’t do it– in the past.  I can’t now.  I have to face my behaviors and the motivations behind them and then make a choice to continue or not.  This includes the sex I have.  It is not that I lack passion or the ability to be swept away by lust and love and passion.  It is that I make a conscious choice to be swept away.   I understand that seems contradictory.   And that is Tantra.  It is contradictory.  It promises great sex, but thorough Tantra you gain more control.  Tantra is focused yet relaxed sex.  Friction sex is replaced by Tantra sex.

In a relaxed state an orgasm is a lotus blooming sending out fragrance and bliss throughout the body.  It opens gently and with  each petal the pleasure grows more and more intense sending out its energy and fragrance into every cell and atom  of the body.   Then it slowly closes leaving it’s fragrance and energy to absorb into the body.  That is a tantric orgasm produced by conscious sex.  The expected tightening and held breath produces a short burst of energy that results in ejaculation or orgasm and then this tired feeling.  That is the difference between Tantra and sex.


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