Tantra: it works 

Tantra isn’t magic, it isn’t one thing or another.  It is a total shift in how you view your body, how you view your place in the world and what draws most people to Tantra how you experience pleasure.  So many people stay in their head during sex, letting thoughts pop up, engaging in some fantasy or projecting their fantasy onto someone else.  

I notice a influx of Tantra information that has been simplified to be almost meaningless and other Tantra techniques that have undergone pornification.  Edging is one.  In Tantra it is called walking the razor’s edge or riding the tiger and it sustains sexual energy isn’t frustrating but intensily pleasurable.  Recently I was contacted by a person that had found a type of tantric breath work and was bragging about his new ability to get firmer erections and intensify his orgasms.  And learning such a technique will work.  That is the magic of Tantra it works.  If you do the techniques it works. You don’t have to believe, you don’t have to know the principles, just do the techniques.  

However, knowing the correct techniques,how to do them, and the philopshy behind them will enhance the benefits by about 90%.  Going back to the breath guy.  Yes, he learned a breath and breathing differently will nourish your entire body, touch the Kundalini energy and help get stronger erections.  However, his experience was still all up in his head.  Tantra wants your body to experience sex and to be totally involved in the pleasure without the mind breaking through to comment.  Tantra offered him some minuscule  benefits, but to really experience Tantra you want to be totally relaxed and focused on one thing your pleasure.  The higher your pleasure the more your partner feels it and is also included in your pleasure.  

I had sex with the same man for 25 years.  I had orgasms. I had great orgasms.  I never experienced it as pleasure.  It was sexual.  That is different. Osho says sexual is when we pervert the natural normal pleasure of sex into something meant to arouse us without the pleasure of our senses.  Now since practicing Tantra I seldom fall into fantasy, I am present and fully alive during sex.  Nothing is going through my mind .  My senses are fully engaged in the experience of pleasure from how my lover feels to his taste to his smell to the sounds of his breath.  There is no room for thinking my entire body is consumed with the fire of my pleasure as it ignites the fire chakra and burns through my body .  
That is Tantra and it works

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