Tantra Sex Cures

Tantra offers very real help for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low intensity orgasms and lack of desire. However, like anything of value it has to be practiced consistently.  It can’t be a one time thing and then be expected to work.  Nothing in life really works that way.  Yet I get plenty of clients looking for help as sort of a last ditch effort to revive their sex drive, and any other issues involving sex.  Under those circumstance I can usually offer some help, but it is a less than ideal situation.  As with anything we shouldn’t wait until to last minute to fix things.  Often I feel I doing triage instead on Tantra.  If your car oil light is blinking you don’t wait until the engine is smoking to take it in.  Our bodies are the same. To have optimal health you have to do certain things.  You have to drink enough water 8 to 10 8oz glasses a day. You have to exercise at least 20 minutes every day. Drink moderately, and eat moderately, have a spiritual path or purpose and have a healthy sex life.  This is not hard stuff, but it is what you need.  

I often am contacted by men after they have lived 5 years, 10 years, or 15 years without sex. Some have found outlets through Tantra, girlfriends, other avenues.  Many have remained “faithful” This is my take on being faithful.  It is hard if the marriage or partnership isn’t meeting both sexual and emotional needs.  And if one of the partners refuses to meet the needs of the other and this goes both ways.  They have broken the promises of marriage and aren’t being faithful. I don’t think a person who won’t have sex with their partner is being faithful.  They have broken that vow first.  This is something that needs to be discussed with nonviolent communication techniques that I touch on in a session, but I expand on them in my 21DayTantra wellness certification.  Tantric sex does cure or enhance the health of your body.  However, it doesn’t do it with porn style sex.  Tantra cures by opening the heart balancing your elemental chakras and allowing sexual energy to flow freely bringing the body back into balance and letting joy be present in each moment. 

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