Tantra sex: one easy tip to change your sex life for the better

There is one simple Tantra principle, one Tantric Tip that can completely change your sex life for the better with your partner or your self.  You don’t have to learn a new technique or go to a fancy class or do anything.  

All you have to do is change one simple idea.  You need to learn one different way of thinking.

It sounds simple.  It is.  Tantra offers some of the simplest ways to change your life. Tantra is not complicated.  It has been very secerative.  I personally have a goal to make it less secerative.  Ideas, techniques, meditations that have the ability to improve your life shouldn’t be kept for a select few.  It is irresponsible.

The TANTRIC SEX tip that will instantly improve your life.  It is intention.  That is it.

What do you mean? 

When you have sex or do anything in life do it with intention.  When I do a tantra massage I have one intention.  It is for my hands to convey compassion, acceptance, and pleasure.  Everything else just falls into place. That intention overrides and fear or stress or anxiety of the person receiving the massage.  

In sex go to your partner with one intention.  You tantric sex tip is to approach girls partner with the intention of giving them pleasure.  Your willingness to give pleasure also opens you up to accepting pleasure.   Feeling mutual pleasure opens you up to compassion and love.  

That is simple.  Rather than than have the intention of getting your on pleasure focus on giving and that will pay off by your partner wanting to return pleasure. 

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