Many people feel deep shame about sex, their needs, their body.  And sex sort of takes place in a vacuum.  The man or woman or the couple wait until need is the over riding emotion and sex is reduced to a bodily function.  It is then just a mechanical.  And often people think lets just get it done and orgasms becomes a goal not a result of pleasure. I spend quite a bit of time in yoni training (masterbation).  There are times when I just think I am going to just go for it.  I don’t need to go full Tantra.  However, like last night I begin and because it is habit I go full Tantra. The theory is that each orgasm and by orgasms I mean one that every cell in your body feels alive.  So I am laying there with my body feeling like it is dissolving into the infinite void. And I have to think what could feel better, nothing.  And each orgasm clears the central channel so the flow of energy is unimpeded in the body. Sex and shame have no connection.  Sex is a scared function of the body that opens it up for enlightenment . 

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