TANTRA: the YONI and what men don’t know

One thing I encounter is a true lack of understanding as to how the yoni works.  I often ask clients if their partner is having orgasms.  I usually get yes  and I ask how do you know? Do you ask ? That is the simplest way.  No, they moan.  That is not a very good indication.   Do they have strong vaginal contractions?  A good female orgasm will make the womb contract it is like the universe is moving through your body and you are being transported to a different realm.  And you squirt and your are flooded with warmth and no it isn’t pee.  I have tasted it. Plus I have a video that shows the fluid coming out of the vaginia and the vaginia contracting while pushing out the fluid.  If you have seem porn where there is a big arc of fluid that is pee, sorry that isn’t how female ejactulate works.  Yes many women can squirt if given proper stimulation and for a woman it is the best sort of orgasm.  The best. However women have a variety of sexual response and clitoral orgasms are not imamature or second rate.  They still are awesome.

One issue I get pretty consistently is  ” my gf, wife has had children  and her pussy  is too big  to satisfy me.”  Well first it takes 1 year for the body to return to normal.  However the yoni works much the same way as the lingam.  When the yoni is stimulated and the body is stimulated it swells with blood and becomes tighter and juicer.  Just the same way the lingam swells with blood and grows longer and thicker so does the yoni it grows tight elongates and throbs.  If you aren’t getting these responses then the woman isn’t ready for penetration.  Focus on foreplay, focus on pleasure of the entire body, breathe in enegy,  be aware of the body and the pleasure it feels.  Don’t focus on friction sex or strictly penetration.  That is for teenagers.  Focus on lifting your consciousness to a higher more energetic plane where your entire body is orgasmic.  One more thing.  Men will complain about what they precieve as big pussies, but never consider they have a small dick.  My ex always complained I had a big pussy.  But the truth was he had a small dick with soft erections from drinking a bottle of Jim Beam every night.  Since leaving him I have never heard that complaint since.  Know the yoni, love the yoni, stimulate the  yoni until it clamps down on your penis no matter its size.  That is how it is made. 

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3 Responses to TANTRA: the YONI and what men don’t know

  1. Delfin says:

    I’d like to thank you for the honest infornation and illustration with your own experience that you share here. It is invaluable help.
    Would you share how do you deal with unwanted pregnancies? I wonder what is the take of Tantra since condoms may not have been used back then. Personally, it is not my preference to use them.


    • I use condoms. I can’t get pregnant now, but I feel they offer protection from STDs and that gives me peace of mind. I kept my oldest son and had 3 more children. Even my first child was wanted. I wanted them all.
      I think the best to deal with unwanted pregnancies is to use of birth control and make conscious choices about sex and birth control. Children deserve to be wanted and loved. And each of us need to make conscious choices about sex.
      If a pregnancy occurs that is unwanted an early abortion before 10 weeks can be done with medication and is quite painless. Also if no protection is used search out plan B.
      Also there are many good condoms that can barely be felt. I have been single and sexually active for 13 years and have always used condoms and I have never gotten a STD.

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