Yoni Massage, Tantra people and coconut oil

event_252414712I really like how this couple talk about Tantra and yoni or pussy massage and I think it is worth sharing. I will note that other aspects go into the activity other than what they discuss and they leave out preparing the Tantra temple , breath work and particular techniques that make this such an amazing activity. I have studied Tantra alone and with a partner and with a teacher. I found my teacher to be very uncompassionate and had to dissolve that relationship. One reason I did that was that she was a very narrow thinker and lacked flexibility. And in a very ironic turn of events she was completely disorganized in her teaching style which was a source of frustration. She was able to use the word cock and pussy, but as students we were not allowed to us those street terms as they may have negative energy for us. I personally do not think pussy has negative energy at least not for me. Nor does cock.

I like the word yoni,but I am not going to force it on someone if they prefer a different word. Personally, I sort of like the sound of pussy massage so this message resonated with me. I will say this a loving yoni massage is an earth shattering experience and one I think every woman deserves to have from her partner. I have had them from partners, a massage therapist and have given myself them. The aftermath is a feeling of complete happiness that can last from one day to several days. My first one came from a massage therapist shortly after I divorced and I had not been able to sleep for several years.

After the massage, I feel asleep and for the first time in at least 4 years slept without sleeping aids. It was very healing for me and therapeutic. As so much of our trauma is stored in the pelvic floor this type of massage can dissolve old hurts and heal past abuse while making the area more receptive to pleasure.


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