Tantric Sex and Education Welcome

 Welcome to Breath of Bliss Tantra Massage and Tantric Sex Education. 

Tantra offers a wonderful opportunity

to be more in touch with your body

and its limitless ability to feel pleasure.      

Tantra is a free expression of desire, and fulfillment and bliss. 

Tantra is sacred loving.

Tantra is meditation for the body 

Tantra is the movement of energy through meditations, mudras, movements, and massage, and  sex. 

The Goal of Tantra is to have a free flow of energy through the body that isn’t stopped by guilt, or shame or any negative emotions. 

The Goal of Tantra is to experience a full body orgasm and to feel and see the energetic body as it merges with universal energy.   

Tantra gives you a system of techniques to experience more joy, bliss, and peace of mind in all areas of life. 

A Tantra massage will give you a glimpse of the relaxation, bliss and free movement of energy that is possible with the consistent practice of Tantra.  For some people that is all it takes to regain their joy in pleasure.  However, everyone is different.  For others my Education Course may be a more appropriate means to being the joy of Tantra into your life.

Tantra can help with these issues:

-lack of intensity of orgasms.

-Problems controlling sex energy– ED and PE.

-Sexual Healing

-lack of connection to our own body

-lack of connection with our partner.


-and an over-busy brain, excessive worry and stress.

The purpose of Tantra is to heal, relax and restore the body to its natural balance

Tantra is not about losing control of sexual energy, but learning to control sexual energy to feel more pleasure, to feel more joy and happiness and acceptance in all areas of life.   Tantra helps people achieve a level of pleasure that intensifies sex and orgasm and weaves together the body and sex.   Everything in Tantra is holy. 

Tantra when taught and used correctly can increase both sexual health and heighten pleasure while healing the body and spirit.   Sex should bring health, pleasure and bliss into your life.  Through sex we can heal, develop real intimacy, and learn to love and appreciate our bodies.  The bliss breath can change our emotional state and quiet the mind and help develop peace of mind that extends to all aspects of life.

 The mission of this site is to educate,  provide reliable information on sexual health, emotional and physical well-being, and the benefits of Tantra yoga.   Tantra bestows amazing full body orgasms and they are healing to the body and mind.   Tantra can also be used to calm the mind, heal the body, and experience levels of pleasure that are indescribable. 

Contact me at jill@breathofbliss.com or 208-705-8854.





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