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 Men often contact me because they believe they have a ED.  ED is the complete lack of ability to get erect including at night or in the morning.  If you do not wake up ever with an erection there is some medical issue that needs to me addressed.  However, when I see men for a session they are rarely suffering from ED, but instead have less firmness, or hardness or fullness.   And when asked what they are noticing with their erections it often turn out they are comparing their erections to their 16 year old erections.  That is like me wanting my boobs to look like they did at 16.  And a man can get those strong youthful erections, but not just by thinking about sex or seeing a naked woman or even by touching and pleasuring a woman.  That stuff worked when you were young.  At some point it stops working.  It does.  And that is where Tantra principles come into play.

The fact is the lingam is reacting to a lack of proper stimulation, a lack of attention by showing less interest.  Men can definetly get fully erect and very hard with the proper techniques.  Sometimes this also includes a change in thought patterns, and beliefs.  I have had men argue that the way they get erect is to watch the pleasure of the woman.  And my comment is, “What  about your pleasure?”   Men find it difficult to accept pleasure.  And often the shirt aggressive master action sessions to not make things better.  

Tantra does offer a better way. Through the following:

1-proper breathing and focus 

2-meditations to bring energy to the lingam

3-tantric touch 

4-the chi and lingam massage for healing 

My short e-book goes into the ways Tantric Sex cures ED or a personal session gives you many tools to help with this issue.  

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