Tantric Sexual Energy

Recently I have read a lot about holding on to sexual energy and energetic ties with former partners.  I have mixed feeling about both.  I do believe as the article states that a major part of Tantra is building sexual energy.  We call that riding the Tiger or Walking the Razor’s Edge.  However, it is not the purpose of Tantra.  Tantra is the full joyful expression of our sexuality without shame or guilt. Sex is an amazing opportunity to connect with a person on a deep soulful level.  In a way that nothing else offers.  Scared sex, tantric sex isn’t a cheap substitute for love.  It is love.  Even sex at a common level still has the ability to touch us in a way nothing else can.  Men when they seek out sex and want sex are often saying in an inarticulate manner, I need connection, I hurt and need comfort, I want to know you love me and I love you.  It is unfortunate that we don’t communicate about sex better. However, I am a great believer in the  healing power of sex and the power of the body to speak for us if we are willing to listen.  I believe in sex that is a conscious choice and building sexual energy within us, but to experience higher more scared levels of pleasure.   The pleasure and unity of orgasms, if it can be held on to, helps us achieve enlightenment.

Tantra is about controlling sexual energy to use it in a way that is joyful and gives you the very most pleasure.   Tantra is not about denying.  It is about experiencing the highest level of pleasure.  It is about connecting and full body orgasms that burn through your central channel and clear your energy and give you more clarity and consciousness.  However, to have healing orgasms it is necessary to learn how to control your sexual energy, and use it to burn through the emotional blocks and pain we carry.

As far as past partners having energetic ties to us. I don’t believe that.  I think it is just a new rumor being spread by fun killers. It is truly just sexual shame in a new form.  So no.  Comes to terms with the past, and leave it in the past and do what Tantra teaches be present.


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