Tantric Transformation

I have committed myself to practicing all tantric principals.  However, I know that to be successful I need to prepare to change. You don’t get up one day and say I am now going to do all these things.  That isn’t preparing or committing to being successful.  I am 60 I could just cruise.  That would be okay.  A lot of people do that.  I don’t want to put myself in nuteral, because at some point you slip backwards. 

And as a person I have always been committed to being open minded, curious and concious about my health. And I have goals I want to obtain.  For me I think using Tantra is the fastest way to improve my health, gain joy and creativity and build meaningful relationships.  Of course the full body orgasms are cool.

I guess in someway, but not a weird competive way, I want to achieve enlightenment before I leave this plane of extistance.  

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