Benefits of Tantra

People hear Tantra and think sex. Honestly, I became interested in Tantra as a way to have better sex.  I was just out of a 25 year marriage.  My husband had been sexually withholding and would not do things that he knew I liked or wanted to experiment with and at the same time wanted to try things I had not interest in and even found repulsive.   It was not a happy marriage in any way.  I was 48, and I wanted the joy and thrill of sex back in my life.  Sex was important to me.  I was lucky to have some very good partners that brought healing and help into my life and through Tantra I found joy again in the simple act of sex.  I began to have a better connection with my own body, and stronger and longer orgasms.  I had a little break and had a boyfriend for a bit who drug me back into old patterns.  Eventually I returned to my own path and found a wonderful tantric partner. And it was a wonderful relationship, but it ended—well.  I then began formal study and after a  few false starts found a teacher I thought was going to be a wonderful and amazing person. Unfortunately, not all people are who they present themselves to be.  I was placed in  situation were I experienced a terrible and painful betrayal and also a very expensive one.  I didn’t really talk about this experience, but I was crushed.  Yet I recovered quickly from the betrayal finished my certification and began my practice.  It has been up hill since then.  I love what I do.  I find it interesting I learn new things every day.  I increase my knowledge daily and my practice deepens. Yes, I have great sex!  I make more conscious choices about my sex life.  And it is limited by my choices.  Yes Tantra has given me great sex.

Howevemoon goddessr, the thing that is the biggest benefit to me is the clarity of mind I have.  I have had ADHD all of my life and if just drove me crazy.  There are still some things I struggle with, but they are small details.  I have so much more clarity and ability to focus and to stay present.  To me that sense of peace of mind or clarity of vision or however you define it is my biggest gain from Tantra and the practice of the breath work, the movements/dance, mediation and sex.  Plus I think it makes me a much more interesting dancer as I can ungulate and for an old broad I think that is pretty good.



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