The Male Sex Problem No one talks about.  

I mostly see men, when they have run out of options.  They see me for help with sexual energy. When sexual energy isn’t flowing correctly it shows up in serveral ways.

 1- inability to get or sustain an erection.

2-premature ejaculation.

 3-lack of intensity during orgasms

4-the one no one talks about.  The inabilty to orgasm 

No one talks about this ever.  Yet, it impacts the lives of many men.  I knew of this before I began practicing Tantra, but I was shocked at how many men came to me with this problem.  It was baffling to me and it was an aspect of male sexuality I wasn’t trained in and honestly didn’t understand.  

I really had to think about it.  Look things up.  Then I thought back to my own sex life.  I remembered a time when I struggled to achieve orgasm.  I remember how frustrating it was to me as I had always been able to have fast hard orgasms, with a partner or without.  It was during my divorce and about a year after my divorce. I believe it was directly related to my emotional state.  I was too stressed to relax enough to have an orgasm. 

I don’t think this is true of men.  This is based solely on my work experience.  The men I have seen with this issue are struggling with intimacy.  Literally they don’t want to share their pleasure with partner or give them something of themselves ( semen).  This is very true with younger men who have random partners.  

Older men are a bit different in that they have relayed on porn or certain memories and fethishes to get them over the edge.  Then at a certain age these things no longer work.  But in this case there is also a disconnect from their partner.  

It is something no one seems to acknowledge or talk about because there is an assumption the longer a man can go the better it is, but that is not actually true .  It is frustrating for both partners.  

The solution is relatively simple and as with everything Tantra is about using sexual ebetgy in a more productive manner that has intention and is focused on pleasure and being present and connected.  Also as I do not want to give random sex a bad name,  even in random partners we should seek out moments of intimacy. 


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