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I feel strongly about what I do.  I feel strongly about my qualifications and intergrity.  When I work in Pocatello I see 1 or 2 people a day.  The reason is I want to give 110%.  I often don’t know why someone comes to see me.  Some might just be looking for the pleasure of Tantra others are searching for more in the terms of healing and compassion.  And there are times when I am sort of the gal of last resort.  

I don’t find this difficult in home office.  I have a very safe and clear space to work in.  I am very attached to it.  I also work to provide good energy.  This is not only for my benefit but for my clients.  I want them to feel safe, comfortable, sensual.  Since I began doing Tantra I have traveled to Boise, and when I had a beautiful mid-century apartment to work from it was prefect, but since the houses the 1sold it has been less than prefect and I have grown more demanding of my environment.  

Also by seeing a full schedule of people I don’t think I do my best work.  I am not giving 100%. I am not practicing dharma.  I am not in alignment with the universe. So until the foreseeable future I won’t be traveling to Boise for work.


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