What is sexual energy vs tantric energy

I respond to many emails about erections.  Yup, I said that.  It really happens a lot.  And after a few discrete question done in the spirit of wanting to give compassionate help, I find out that the erection are in fact there.

However, the man is unhappy with the quality of the erections.  They aren’t spontaneous, they aren’t as hard, there isn’t the intensity. 

Honestly, Tantra can help with these issues.  However, there is also the truth of getting older, disease, approaching death and the myriad aspects of age.  I have been very blessed to have not only good genetics, but also strong life energy.  Genetics is what it is.  Energy on the other hand can be increased.  When energy is increased in the body, there is a sense of overall well-being, creativity, and happiness.

So what does that have to do with sex?  Everything! 

In Tibatian/Elemental Tantra we work with elemental chakras-


Whatever is in the universe is in us.  We can increase the energy in our body through meditation that gathers energy and brings it back into the body.  These mediatation alone or with sex clear the central channel of any emotional or physical blocks.  By practicing all aspects of Tantra energy floods your entire body.  And the strongest source of energy is sexual energy.  That energy can increase in your body no matter the age and you will feel the energetic power of sex and with it will come an increase in creativity and happiness. 

 A lot of articles on Tantric sex, not all, focus on the physical aspects alone.  A very well read website MindBodyGreen.com took information they found on my website and expanded it into many articles on Full body orgasms.  I am not offended by them taking my information as a certainly do not own it.  What I am offended by is their focus on the mechanics of sex, certain touches, certain breathing practices.  One reason I find this focus offense is they use porn terms like edging.  In Indian Tantra that is called riding the tiger a much more poetic term that truly captures the essence of the activity.  https://www.mindbodygreen.com calls it edging and focuses on graphic techniques and I think there is a place for teaching techniques, but it disspells the true purpose and beauty of Tantra.  In the Tantra I learned to hold off orgasms and it was called walking the razor’s edge. 

It is done in connection with the FIRE meditation so that the energy of fire is burning through your body. This doesn’t exhaust your body but instead enlivens it and sends sexual energy through out the body.  This energy brings an increase in the body’s energy, sexual energy, happiness and creativity.  It also gives you clarity and the ability to be present.  That is the true gift of Tantra, not a particular technique, not a bastardized version of a scared aspect of building sexual energy.  For me I rather walk the razor’s edge than edge. I don’t want a watered down version of Tantra.  I want the real thing.  

Oh yeah, erections are important and Tantra can definitely help with them. 

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