What is Tantra? 

As I spend more time with Tantra and teach others I have developed a deeper understanding of what Tantra is and is not.

Tantra is the growth and movement of sexual energy in the body.  It is allowing the fire of desire to burn as bright as possible clearing emotional blocks of shame, fear, numbness, guilt.  It is not relaying on images, fantasies, or anything the mind concocts.  It is falling deep into the body and experiencing the pleasure of touch, of air on your skin, your lovers breath on your neck the taste and small of your  lovers body. TANTRA is the pleasure of the body without the minds interference.  Tantra is the free flow of sexual energy that brings joy, creativity and happiness to the mind and body.  TANTRA is pure innocent pleasure free of guilt, thoughts, shame, or the desire to hold back anything.  TANTRA is pleasure. 

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