Sex is good for you.

imagesJMHGUYPZI do not like to generalize.  I also do not like to lump people into categories.  It is not fair.  Each of us looks at life through our own prism of experience, beliefs, education, spiritual growth, mental wellness or illness. The world is experienced differently by each of us. It is not that people are so varied it is that the prism we gaze at the world through is so varied and casts so many different colors onto the world.  It is true some people look at the world through rose colored glasses and see the good.  Others see everything cast in shadow and so they find darkness. The same goes for sex.  If we look at sex as a bright fiery pleasure we get pleasure from it.  If  we view sex as dirty or nasty  or naughty  or only as a means to express love in certain circumstances or worse a duty, sex becomes tainted and dark.

Open honest sex is good.  It is the best thing we can do for our bodies.  And yes with time our bodies change, however;  sex and desire isn’t just for the young. Sex is our life force.  Our life force isn’t some nebulous thing floating around the heavens, it resides in our bodies, our loins, our sex.  When we are open and awakened that force flows more freely through our body giving us greater health and more joy.  Sex floods our bodies with life enriching hormones that keeps us younger, happier and healthier. Sex is the best thing you can do for yourself.  It is not just some momentary pleasure or a blink of an orgasm, it is rejuvenating and those orgasms should be full body orgasms.    Do not settle for less.  As  society we spend 40 hours a week at work and many spend 10 or more hours working out and then spend 10 minutes having sex Saturday night or sex3Sunday morning.  One of the most pleasurable and creative things we do as humans is too time consuming, or my personal favorite, I just want to get done.  Why would you want to feel less pleasure?  Feeling more pleasure protects you from depression, illness and many other issues. Sex is good for you.  It connects you more deeply with yourself and more deeply with your partner.  Even if it is just a sex partner.  Isn’t better to have a fun relaxing time and laugh and have multiple orgasms than not?

I find sex the best thing I do.  It makes me feel the best and happiest and truly at one with myself.  I just love it I always have and it is good for you emotionally and physically.




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