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This will be short as I am tired.  Three days of wedding celebrations sort of drained me.  It is a lot of emotion to process.  One of my personal goals is to be totally present and to process my emotions as they come up so I don’t have them blocking my energy later.  This however requires some recuperation or down time. I am a huge believer in down time.  Each of us has our own needs but I require a lot.  I always have.  I love being around people. I love a good party, but afterwards I need to be alone.  One of the many things that contributed to the failure of my marriage was that I didn’t have space to be alone to pursue my interests, which have always been different.  I read.  I study.  I write. I meditate.  I practice yoga.  I practice self care.  I have fabulous skin. I rarely get a blemish.  However I have an extensive skin care practice. Currently I am learning to make my own products.  On reason skin is important to me is that it is our largest organ and it detoxifies our system.  Massages is one way to cleanse the body and detox. Massage will also increase circulation and maintains  muscle tone.   It is good for you and it is a period of downtime and self care. One thing I like to focus my clients on isGEORGIA OKeefe self care.  It is important  🌝


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