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I have been doing Tantra professionally for the last 3  years. I have been practicing Tantra seriously since 2004.  I love my practice and my clients.  I have nothing but great things to say about the people I have worked with and learned from.  However, I want to expand my experiences as a teacher of Tantra.  One thing I have wanted to do from the beginning is have couple workshops.  I believe that sex and intimacy is of great importance in a marriage or in any partnership.  We marry because that is the person we want to have sex  with for the rest of our lives.  And that is not a dream or a fantasy that is a real possibility and I want to support that.   I believe that living in a honest authentic partnership is the best way to achieve overall happiness and joy and to be the best person you can be.   However, I think great hot sex is part of being a couple.  And I don’t think you have to be young, or have the best body or the best health to have great sex.  I also know great tantric sex will improve health and vitality.

I belong to a group of conscious sexuality professionals and as a group we have had a lot of  discussion about the best way to teach others.  I have attended live workshops, online workshops, online learning and I have made a choice to only teach online.  The energy at some retreats and workshops can be volatile.  I have had great experiences and I have had one terrible experience.  I don’t ever want to be part of that type of experience where someone is hurt emotionally.   And I witnessed it and communicating with others the trend is away from group workshops and more one on one work online. I have had good success with online learning myself and also teaching others. If you go to my Education site you can learn more http://www.21daytantra.co/1couple


The course covers the following material over a 7 day period:

1-How to communicate in bed and out of it.  The ins and outs of Non-Violent communication.

2-Intimacy exercises to develop a flow of  intimate energy between couples including the elemental fire meditation.

3-How to have full body orgasms and multiple orgasms for men and women.

4-how to preform tantric massage on each other.

5-How to set up an intimate space or tantric temple.

The cost is 279.99 the same as a couple one on one session.  The online Tantra Workbook for Couples: Achieving Real Intimacy can be ordered in the store.

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  1. jacqui bauer says:

    is the quote of R279.99 in rand or dollars

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